WHS Pack for Floor Sanders

This comprehensive WHS pack contains all of the policies and procedures you will require working as a mechanic.

Policies and Procedures

WHS Policy

Asbestos Management Procedure

Chemical Management Procedure

Consultation and Communication Procedure

Electrical Safety Procedure

Emergency Control Procedure

Energy Isolation Procedure

First Aid Procedure

Fixed and Other Plant Procedure

Hazard and Risk Management Procedure

Hazardous Manual Tasks Procedure

Incident Management and Investigation Procedure

Induction Procedure

Injury Management Procedure

Lifting and Handling Procedure

Managing the Work Environment Procedure

Purchasing Procedure

Responsibilities and Authorities Procedure

Safe Driving Procedure

Traffic Management Procedure

Working Alone Procedure

Working in Heat Procedure


Asbestos Work Permit

Chemical Acceptability Review Form

Chemical Storage and Transfer Area Inspection Form

Hazardous Substances Risk Assessment

Energy Isolation Risk Assessment

Incident / Injury / Hazard Report Form

Job Safety Analysis

Standard Daily Inspection Form

Hazard Identification Assessment and Control Form

Plant / Process Risk Assessment

Workplace Inspection Template

Safe Work Method Statement

Hazardous Manual Tasks Risk Assessment

Information for Injured Workers

Example Letters to Medical Practitioners

Work Capabilities Checklist

Letter to the Injured Worker

Return to Work Recovery Plan

Working From Home Risk Assessment

Pre Purchase Checklist

Vehicle Safety Checklist

Traffic Hazards Checklist

Working Alone/In isolation Risk Assessment and Control Form

Working Alone/In isolation Authorisation and Agreement

Generic Risk Assessment Template

Risk Assessment Matrix

Master Risk Register

Contents of Pack:

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