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Auditing and Reporting

Moore McPhee audit using a five step process:

  1. Gap analysis: Audit and inspection of workplace and any documented systems in place to compare to the relevant legislation or standard;

  2. Consultation with staff and stakeholders;

  3. Develop and deliver the audit report findings to management;

  4. Develop action plans to remedy shortfalls; and

  5. Monitor and review of action plans to ensure ongoing compliance and continual improvement.

Legislative audits


These audits assess the existing safety management systems to ensure that it is compliant with the current legislation and determines if the system meets its minimum legislative obligations.  

Hazard Specific Audits


Moore McPhee WHS can conduct audits of specific hazards within your business or undertaking. These specialised audits include:

  • Traffic Management

  • Confined Spaces

  • Working at Height

  • Crane Safety

  • Electrical Safety

Pre-accreditation audits (AS4801/ISO45001)

A pre-accreditation audit compares your existing safety management systems to the standards detailed in Australian Standard 4801/ISO 45001. Clients frequently choose a pre-accreditation audit to assist in preparation prior to a certification audit, or to identify best practice opportunities.

Self Insurance Gap Analysis

Clients considering applying for self insurance status under Return to Work SA (formerly WorkCover Corporation) are well advised to conduct a gap analysis to determine if their safety management system will uphold to scrutiny from a self insurance perspective. Based on AS4801, the self insurance standards require a business or undertaking to have superior safety management systems and work processes.


Moore McPhee can also provide preparatory recertification audits for businesses that are already self insured.

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