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Code of Ethics

This Code specifies standards of ethical conduct for employees of Moore McPhee WHS Consultants Pty Ltd. It places obligations on them to practice and work in an objective manner; follow recognised work health and safety principles as specified in the relevant federal or state/territory legislation; and realise the lives, health and welfare of individuals may be dependent upon their judgement.
It may be referred to by the management of Moore McPhee WHS Consultants Pty Ltd when dealing with complaints about work or conduct of its staff.

Nothing in the Code will require staff to contravene any obligations under any relevant occupational health and safety legislation or other relevant legislation, regulations and codes.

All staff will act in accordance with the following requirements:

1.1         Responsibility
Act and work responsibly and competently at all times to improve health and safety in workplaces and ensure they do no harm.

Give priority to the health, safety and welfare of employees, employers and other workplace health and safety stakeholders in accordance with accepted standards of moral and legal behaviour during the performance of their duties.
Ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees, employers and other workplace health and safety stakeholders takes precedence over the professional member’s responsibility to sectional or private interests.
Ensure work by people under their direction is competently performed and honestly and reliably reported.
Ensure they do not engage in any illegal or improper practices.

1.2         Integrity, honesty, objectivity, impartiality
Perform their work and duties with integrity, honesty and equity while adhering to legal principles.
Provide advice, express opinions or make statements in an honest, objective, impartial and efficient way and consider the reasonably foreseeable consequences of that advice.
1.3         Areas of competence
Perform work only in their areas of competence and within the limits of their abilities. Make public statements claiming professional knowledge in an area of public interest only if competent to do so, and only if such statements are consistent with other parts of the Code and Service Standards.

1.4         Conflict of interest
Avoid real or apparent conflicts of interest. Disclose promptly and effectively all significant financial and other relevant interests with potential for providing conflict of interest or influencing the impartiality of any reports, advice or decisions.

1.5         Confidentiality
Respect the confidentiality of the information obtained in the course of their work and only reveal such information to others with the consent of the person(s) or organisation(s) or their legal representative(s).

1.6         Disclosure and Whistleblowing
Staff may become aware of an organisation breaching WHS legislation or standards resulting in a risk of injury or disease. How staff respond to this situation will be determined by the nature of the relationship (if any) the staff member has with the organisation.
Initially, the staff member should discuss the problem with management at the highest level and point out the problem, potential consequences, and professional member’s ethical (and perhaps legal) responsibilities.

If there is no action on the part of the organisation and the only way of reducing the risk is to disclose their knowledge of the risk to a third party, the staff member should do so. Before doing so, the staff member should seek advice from senior colleagues or other relevant parties, and should inform management of the organisation of his/her actions.

In the case where the organisation is a public body, the staff member may be protected by relevant federal or state/ territory legislation.

1.7         Maintaining the standing and reputation of Moore McPhee WHS Consultants Pty Ltd
Conduct their affairs so as to promote and improve the practice of the company.
Actively assist and generally encourage the continuing development of staff members; the WHS professions and associations; and where appropriate, specific areas and disciplines of WHS practice.

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