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Spring Means Snakes

Snake warning sign

Although it seems like we are still shivering through Winter here in South Australia, businesses need to be mindful that we are now well into snake season. According to Snake Catchers Adelaide, the Eastern Brown Snake is one of the most common snakes in and around the Adelaide area and is particularly active at this time of year as it searches for both food and mates. They say that prevention is better than the cure and this certainly applies to snakes. The best idea for keeping snakes away from a work site is to ensure the work sites are not appealing to snakes in the first place. Removing hiding places, cutting long grass and keeping stock and equipment off the ground will all help convince a snake to move on to another place. The majority of snake bites in Australia arise out of attempts to catch or kill a snake. Like any other native Australian animal, killing or even unauthorised removal of snakes is prohibited under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. Only licensed snake catchers are trained in snake catching and handling. If you find a snake in your workplace contact Snake Catchers Adelaide or another licensed snake catcher to come and catch the snake.

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